@letsdestiny thankfully I dodged that bullet by not having a facebook in high school

@letsdestiny yeah, seriously! I’m just like—walmart, really?

@letsdestiny YEP, or I guess they were acquired by Jet which is owned by Walmart, which adds up to the same

like, okay, it’s apparently not sunsetting, but… /squints

oh, geez. I never expected to get an “our incredible journey” from Modcloth

like, several of them also had/have weekly lunch programs, but also individual orgs can’t deal w/ the scope that the fed can

(re: “churches and charities will step in” to cover government funding cuts)

every church I’ve ever been to annually releases its financial report every year and not even the cathedrals had that much in budget tbh

so I haven’t read the Ancient Magus’ Bride but the first two episodes of the anime are charmingly like a more eldritch Matilda