[star war] "sometimes you just have to do rude things for good reasons"

today on the star war: we are sneaking into where the imperial stormtroopers are bunked to release venomous bearsloths on them

trying to figure out if I could manage a sort of pastel peach pink hair color :|a

how much tea do I need to drink to not regret how late I accidentally stayed up last night

The seventh attendee at our Ask Again Later storyteller meeting https://t.co/XXcrEdzd2m

Accountability post: If you don't hear about me running over the next month, ask me about … https://t.co/PQSRn9KD3n https://t.co/ahssSv19Cs

@hyaenid I don't know what this is about, but also yes

https://t.co/dGLzTMIbOA yeesh, well then