h/t @allisonminorpiercing for the great job on my new lobe piercings!

committed to spring fashion

https://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/2016/sep/06/interview-benjamin-loyaute-astounding-eyes-of-syria-london-design-biennial A lovely article about sweets and preserving culture

i both really like the way wpengine allows for actual wordpress deployment and am constantly frustrated by the fact that I need to commit all my compiled files + plugins. my kingdom for a php version of rubygems that I can run during deployment tbh

i swear, my next personal project is writing a wordpress plugin so I can test the output of custom post queries, this is driving me up a wall trying to figure out what thing is off

attempting to commit to getting back into using my microblog because every social media network is actively being The Worst

Loved this Easter flower arrangement at @stmarkevanston yesterday!

I wasn’t intending to go this purple but @sublimemarch called this the Admiral Holdo hair color and I’m okay with that