every church I’ve ever been to annually releases its financial report every year and not even the cathedrals had that much in budget tbh

so I haven’t read the Ancient Magus’ Bride but the first two episodes of the anime are charmingly like a more eldritch Matilda

pigeon is gently grooming degen’s arm while she raids. this is very good

I feel like a crochet rug is something you can’t really decorate with until you’re a grandma but I found a really pretty pattern

a bunch of mac research/science-related apps for sale: t.co/yt0siH3mEt

the actual problem may be that I don’t know what I want my hair to be doing, though

kind of wish there were more than like two variations on the alternative lifestyle haircut

but it’s actually just ordering a salad in advance 👻

so ritual seems like a useful service but I feel kind of weird whenever I talk about it, like—“ah, yes, time to pick up my ritual” spooky