@_isa_bella I am definitely taking note of this for future reference

@_isa_bella ……how did you accomplish this, I really want to know

Concert 1/2 done!

@letsdestiny thankfully I dodged that bullet by not having a facebook in high school

@letsdestiny yeah, seriously! I’m just like—walmart, really?

@letsdestiny YEP, or I guess they were acquired by Jet which is owned by Walmart, which adds up to the same

like, okay, it’s apparently not sunsetting, but… /squints

oh, geez. I never expected to get an “our incredible journey” from Modcloth

like, several of them also had/have weekly lunch programs, but also individual orgs can’t deal w/ the scope that the fed can

(re: “churches and charities will step in” to cover government funding cuts)